Vail International Dance Festival 2015

Very soon, I’m flying out to Vail with a few members of my video team and my two young kids, Gracie & Jack. We’re gearing up to film this summer’s performances at Vail International Dance Festival, and the line-up this year is phenomenal like always – with Carla Körbes, Misty Copeland, […]


Where Women Don’t Dance | Film Screening at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

Join me to discuss my film at Jacob’s Pillow Last year, I participated in my first ever PillowTalk at Jacob’s Pillow along with New York City Ballet’s Ellen Barr & Wendy Whelan, talking as an expert about the Art of Promotion using dance film. The Pillow has interesting & informative talks […]

Post-Show Talk with Dorrance Dance “I so admire them [Derick K. Grant and Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards] both as musicians AND dancers, and I’m learning every night in this show, and I think that’s another reason why I love this show and being a part of this show. I love learning.” – Michelle Dorrance […]


PS DANCE! | Short Video Clips from the Full Documentary Film

When PS DANCE! aired on THIRTEEN/WNET in May, more than 18,000 viewers tuned in. Isn’t that incredible?! I love to think that everyone who watched the film in NYC realizes the significant impact dance education has on children’s lives and its very special role in the city’s public schools. photo by Christopher […]


Jacob’s Pillow Dance | Festival Video 2015

Summer Dance Video at Jacob’s Pillow Summer is here, and I’m filming and editing from Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in the Berkshires while my team films and edits in New York. Blake’s Barn, where our Pillow video offices and archives are, was renovated and expanded this year, and it is an incredible atmosphere! Every […]