Jacob’s Pillow Dance Video 2015 | Engaging Dance Audiences

Engaging Dance Audiences The Pillow season is coming to a close this week, and I am going to miss my Pillow family and my hardworking Pillow video team so much!! The Pillow brings people together to honor and appreciate dance in a way that is truly extraordinary. One of my favorite […]


Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2015 | The Sarasota Ballet & La Otra Orilla

Post-Show Talk with The Sarasota Ballet “These dancers are truly wonderful. They are like a sponge – they want to learn, they want to get it right.” – Margaret Barbieri, Assistant Director Post-Show Talk with La Otra Orilla “I’ve done a lot of traditional flamenco, but at one point it’s just ‘who am […]


Vail Dance Video 2015 | Misty Copeland, Tiler Peck, Bill Irwin & More

The absolutely stunning Misty Copeland at Vail International Dance Festival 2015 dancing in Romeo and Juliet, Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux and White Swan pas de deux. With Alexandre Hammoudi, also of American Ballet Theatre. I love Vail International Dance Festival. Everyone is so happy to be there, people are so kind, […]


Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2015 | Malpaso Dance Company & Jessica Lang Dance

Post-Show Talk with Malpaso Dance Company “Somehow I feel so connected to the dancers that I feel super hyper-aware of them. I really encourage the other musicians to look at the dancers and feed off their energy.” – Arturo O’Farrill, Composer/Pianist Post-Show Talk with Jessica Lang Dance “I love the interaction of the […]


Vail Dance Video 2015 | Tiler Peck, Isabella Boylston, James Whiteside & Joseph Gordon Dance Balanchine

The Ballet Blast performance at Vail International Dance Festival was perfect. It’s like you thought the next piece could not be any better than the one before and then… It was freezing cold outside, I did not wear enough clothes, and my hands were about to fall off, but I […]


Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2015 | Blake’s Barn

The New Blake’s Barn Blake’s Barn: My love of now 15 years. I’ve worked in this glorious place for 13 of those years. It was just recently remodeled this year, and it is extraordinary. I just made this video, so it’s hot off the press. It’s a gem. There are […]