10 Tips for Running Your Personal Business

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Video Tip

As many of you know, my husband, dance photographer Christopher Duggan, and I film and photograph dance at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival every summer. We mentor young dance photographers and filmmakers who intern at the Pillow during the Festival, and we had the honor to hold a Lunch + Learn session with the Interns this summer to educate them about how to run your own business!!

It is a topic very close to our hearts since Christopher and I have both been in business for ourselves for more than a decade. We have built businesses from work we are passionate about and love to do each day, and our businesses have grown from working by ourselves in our one-bedroom apartment in our Upper West Side apartment to working with two strong teams of creative-minded, goal-oriented, very talented people in our midtown Manhattan office. And actually, most of the people we work with in our office are young professionals we met at the Pillow over the years!!

After our little lunch group, Christopher and I received so much awesome feedback and several requests for private one-on-one meetings, that it inspired me to share my Top 10 Tips for Running Your Personal Business here with you, too!

Below are the basics – from how much time you should devote to marketing to how much of your revenue you should set aside for the IRS – but I have a lot more to say about all of them! Follow me on Instagram to hear the extended story on each of these tips!

1. Have other ways to bring in money as you are starting up your business.

2. Passion must be behind your business.

3. 3-4 hours of your day should be spent on marketing your business.

4. Learn to love marketing.

5. Learn from your mistakes.

6. Mindset is key. Working on yourself will help grow your business.

7. Take 15% out of each check to give to the IRS!

8. Find other business owners to reach out to for questions and support.

9. Remember it takes courage to run a business.

10. Build an amazing team and with people you love working with.

Want to Learn More?

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