About Nel Shelby Productions

Fully equipped for single and multiple camera video services, our team of dance videographers offers everything from brainstorming what your video should include to prepping the final edit for sharing online.

In addition to filming performances, we produce livestreams and virtual performances and events, capture interviews, auditions, fundraising videos and promotional reels. Our dance documentary PS DANCE! was nominated for a New York Emmy!! 

Any kind of dance video you want to make, we can help you make it!

NSP follows a 4-step process:

Creative Development

Our team would be thrilled to join your company in discussion of the main objectives and storytelling arc of your video. Starting the planning process from a collaborative and creative place means that we can plan to capture every emotion and idea you want to convey in your video.


Before your shoot, we’ll book the best-fit videographers on our team and assign them to their respective cameras. (We never set-and-forget a camera at your show. That’s a recipe for the overexposed footage we’re trying to avoid!) You’ll be introduced to your Project Manager, who will send you questions to gather details about your project. Once we get your answers, we might schedule a call with some follow-up questions. Or we might schedule a visit to a rehearsal to take notes in person. Your Project Manager will also share any necessary details about our team and our equipment with your venue’s technical director, as needed.


On the day of your video shoot, we’ll arrive at least an hour early to set up, check sound, and make sure everything runs smoothly. Our team will be fully present behind the camera, capturing everything we planned for and then some.


Right after the shoot, we’ll return to our office in midtown and log the footage. Depending on what you need, we will save your footage to a drive so you have it and can use it as you wish. Or we’ll get to work on a beautiful, compelling edit of the work, ready for upload to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

“The editing process could not be simpler or smoother. We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide feedback along the way, and the schedule was quick and efficient.”

— Sean McCabe, Flight Path Dance Project

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My husband Christopher captured a short, behind the scenes look at our in-the-zone focus filming with Margaret Mullin of Pacific Northwest Ballet for our documentary film No Dominion: The Ian Horvath Story. 

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“Nel is the best. The quality of her work, professionalism, and spirit are first-rate.”


— ELLA BAFF, Former Director of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

Excellence means more than showing up with the best equipment.

As movers ourselves, we feel a deep devotion to the advancement of dance as an art form and bring this passion to every project we take on. We value collaboration, and we serve with kindness, knowing that the best projects are made of joy, not just deliverables.

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Our clients deserve great video and the best care and attention.

Get in touch to see how our dance videography and editing can help your company succeed this season and beyond.