Nel Shelby Productions is New York City’s premier source for dance videography, editing promotional films and live-streaming performance. We make our films with smart marketing in mind.

We’ve filmed more than 700 dance events and performances in traditional theaters, outdoor plazas, gallery spaces, you name it. Each client we take on receives a custom experience tailored to their dance video needs — for grant applications, marketing, social media, festival applications and more.

Fully equipped for single and multiple camera video services, our team of dance videographers offers expertise from preliminary brainstorming sessions to prepping the video for online upload. In addition to documentation for your dance archives, we film interviews, documentaries and promotional reels. Our dance documentary PS DANCE! was just nominated for a New York Emmy!! We can even live-stream dance events online or at exclusive venues.

Fundamentally, our work is fueled by a devotion to dance and a feeling that the art form should be promoted often and easily, not to mention preserved with utmost care.

All our videographers and editors (even our project managers!) have training in movement, understand musicality and have an experienced eye in viewing all styles of dance. We can make instinctual, in-the-moment decisions during filming and connect to each project with an increased awareness of nuance and choreographic voice.

In the editing room, we’re always on the lookout for what we call “the chill factor.” This means we pay attention to more than just the message or archival needs of each dance video project. We want an emotional connection viewers will be swept away by as they watch. That’s why our moving promotional videos secure grants, serve as successful kick-offs for gala fundraising events and create enduring visual identities for dance companies, nonprofits and arts organizations. We want to make art from your art.

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Nel is the best. The quality of her work, professionalism, and spirit are first-rate.

Ella Baff, Former Director, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

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