Making Yoga Videos for Sale on Vimeo & Amazon

I met Susan Douglass when we discussed filming her Aspirational Yoga Dances. When my husband and I watched the Yoga Dances, I was blown away by the beauty, grace, musicality, stretch, and openness that each dance reflected.

We filmed the dances, and my entire team started doing yoga once the filming was complete. Susan’s attention to detail in each pose, her fluidity in each dance, her flow…I could go on and on. I love the length of each dance and I love how she breaks each dance down in her videos so you can get the detail that she intends.

It was a joy to bring a team to film and produce these videos, and my marketing and project manager was able to help Susan set her videos up online for sale on Vimeo and on DVD on Amazon. It’s so fulfilling to see them on sale so others can benefit from Susan’s beautiful practice!

I received this incredibly flattering testimonial from Susan, too. Amazing.

“I had the most amazing experience working with Nel Shelby Productions. The entire team – from the film/lighting/sound crew to the post-production team, connected with the project with enthusiasm. My yoga performers and I were motivated to do our best, responding to the highly professional and supportive production crew. When we moved to the editing stage, Nel’s “editor-in-chief” Ashli was sharp-eyed and quick, meticulous and highly attuned to detail. She truly cared about the final work product, and my satisfaction with it. Nel and her assistant Amy were instrumental in integrating the DVD product with packaging into a lovely finished product, and also in adapting the DVD to downloadable form for sale and to display on my website. Last, but certainly not least, Nel Shelby Productions got my project finished on time and on budget. I truly appreciate the continuous support, creativity and excellence exhibited by the entire team, and their dedication to producing a wonderful product for me.”

– Susan Douglass, creator of Aspirational Yoga Dances

Susan lives these dances each day and practices what she preaches. Try them out yourself and incorporate them into your life!