Behind the Scenes with Hari Krishnan/inDANCE: Inside the Pillow Lab at Jacob’s Pillow

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Dance Documentary, Dance Film

I LOVE the Inside the Pillow Lab series we’ve been making in collaboration with Jacob’s Pillow since 2020!!

My role is usually behind-the-scenes, directing and producing, but editing is where my heart truly lies.

Though I’ve only edited two Inside the Pillow Lab films myself, the craft of editing is where I feel most at home.

After 26 years as a video editor, I still find joy in the process!! So, when I needed to step in and take over this film edit due to our high volume of work, I was genuinely excited.

I cannot begin to tell you what it was like to make Inside the Pillow Lab with Hari Krishnan/inDANCE.

I’ve known Hari Krishnan for a long time now. I first met him years ago as a researcher in the Pillow’s archives, unaware that he was a choreographer. Working on this film with Hari fed my soul!!!

Listening to his interview and the dancers’ interviews, piecing the story together with music and b-roll, reaffirmed my love for filmmaking.

In his Pillow Lab, choreographer Hari Krishnan created “ROWDIES IN LOVE,” combining Bharatanatyam, queer, and contemporary dance.

With 8 male dancers, he took inspiration from Ted Shawn’s legacy, adding a strong queer and diverse perspective. Krishnan explored and broke down hyper-masculine stereotypes, shifting gender norms and challenging old cultural ideas.

As I was making the film, it was announced that Hari won the Guggenheim Fellowship. Yay Hari!!! So well-deserved.

I hope you enjoy this film as much as I do. Keep your eye on Hari; he is amazing!!!