I’m always fascinated by what choreographer Brian Brooks comes up with in terms of working with set designers on his dances. Brian does not do anything halfway, he goes major, full-out every time. He’s become a good friend and I’m just amazed by how his career has blown up. He’s choreographing a new Broadway show with Julie Taymor, he’s collaborated on a stunning duet with Wendy Whelan, he’s premiering work at BAM Fisher…every time I turn around he’s doing something else great!

Here’s a clip from Brian Brooks Moving Company’s BAM premiere of Run Don’t Run.

Video Tip

Brian Brooks’ show was in BAM Fisher, and in order for the company to fit their unique and intense set design (by Brooks and Philip Treviño) with a big enough audience, it left a tight space for videography. Luckily, we had an awesome production manager – Elizabeth – who went above and beyond to get the seats we needed to make good video. If you’re planning to have your dance exist within elaborate set designs or non-traditional performance spaces, remember to think about what kind of dance videography and edit you want. Make sure you talk with your videographer and the two of you can work with the venue to plan out where you’ll place the cameras. Keeping an open dialogue is key!

We love filming in non-traditional venues, outdoor spaces and dances with challenging set work, so contact us if you’re thinking ahead on your next project!