Bringing Vail Dance Festival to you, Virtually!

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I’m taking deep breaths right now as our world shifts and changes. It’s such a special time, but it’s also such a tough time.

10 years ago, I started working with Vail Dance Festival. The amount of love I have for that place is almost indescribable.

The collaboration, the thin air, the smiles, the exquisite dancing, the rehearsals, the camaraderie and the mountains!!

Working at Vail Dance Festival means two weeks of fast-paced work. I plan my life around Vail Dance Festival just like I plan my life around Jacob’s Pillow.

To not be in Vail this year feels like a huge loss. The day the festival was canceled, I turned to Christopher and said, “let’s jump in the car and drive to the mountains.”

We didn’t do that, but we are going to Vail this week, virtually!!

Artistic Director Damian Woetzel asked me to produce 8 shows for 8 nights between July 31 and August 7. Of course I agreed!!!

I went to my office, got all of the drives that hold Vail footage and called up my Assistant Producer, Loren Robertson, to organize exactly what Damian wanted us to create.

I know the saying is “it takes a village,” but it really takes a village to create a digital festival!!!!

Ben Richards, my longtime friend and colleague is designing the show with beautiful graphics. Loren Robertson is recording shows with me on Zoom, managing the project and editing in her intuitive way. Ashli Bickford is editing two shows with her magical timing.

Damian Woetzel and Heather Watts are incredible to work with. They make me laugh. They think through everything with such expertise and care.

Kate Penner on Vail’s team is literally a dance scholar – she can remember what a pirouette looked like on any given night for the last 10+ years of the festival. Kristen Dudding, the Marketing Manager at the Vail Valley Foundation, keeps us all moving and is constantly coming up with perfect ideas.


I’m so proud of what we have created.

Vail Dance Festival Virtually

I love Vail Dance Festival. I hope you’ll tune in.

I hope what we have made allows you to walk away with a glimmer of light during this very stressful time. After all, dance keeps us going.

The trailer I put together (above) is a little taste of what is to come. Make sure to tune in to the festival’s opening night (tonight)!! Streaming will be available on Vail’s Facebook and YouTube.

Vail Dance Festival Virtually

Big thanks to my husband, Christopher, and my kids, Jack and Gracie, for graciously understanding as I work many hours doing what I love. I have the world’s best family. 💜

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