Christopher and I filmed Bryn Cohn‘s work at West Fest in 2011, and when she came to Nel Shelby Productions to transfer our footage to her hard drive, she said she loved how we filmed her dance. She’s a new choreographer, represented by Pentacle, and she needed a promotional reel to share with potential funders and presenters. I was happy to work with footage she already had on hand to create something engaging and exciting to show off her work.

Bryn came in to our office with all these different videos: some great quality, some not so great. We were working with five different dances from five different shows. I needed to make some choices based off of video quality alone, but the rest of my choices were guided by Bryn’s very organized notes and my own instincts on what would fit well musically.

Knowing exactly what moments Bryn liked most was helpful when assembling my own choices for the promotional video. She also gave me a selection of music, but it was pretty long, so I had to figure out how to cut it down to two minutes without ending abruptly. Then it’s really up to me to creatively figure out how to put this together to make it look exciting and convince people to continue watching for two minutes. I want the video to show variety in her choreography and display that her work has been performed professionally and not just in a studio. It took three revisions to reach a final video for this project.