I have worked with Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company for almost a decade now, I continue to be inspired by her work and her dancers – she brings so much feeling to what she does.

We filmed Carolyn Dorfman’s work Interior Designs a few different times in three different spaces. The work speaks for itself – but the company does a great job of explaining it in detail: “Interior Designs is a collaboration between Dorfman and other accomplished women artists, incorporating a commissioned score, original video projections and video mapping and integrated lighting and costume designs. In Interior Designs, the entire theater becomes the stage as Dorfman and her collaborators create an immersive environment that reveals the internal and external worlds of both performer and spectator.”

The work is the perfect blend of beautiful dancing and artistic projection. I love how Carolyn utilizes the whole space. For Nel Shelby Productions, it was a challenge to get this across through the two-dimensional medium of dance video. It’s a beautiful work, and we were happy how the promotional video came out.