Celebrating 10 Years of Tiler Peck at Vail Dance Festival

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Performance Video | 0 comments

10 Years of Tiler Peck at Vail Dance Festival!

Damian Woetzel and Vail Dance Festival’s Marketing Team approached us with the idea of making a 10 year anniversary video to commemorate Tiler Peck.

Tiler Peck is an important part of the Festival – she’s had so many different roles! She wears many different hats when it comes to performing at VDF. From performing roles in Balanchine ballets to creating new works with Lil Buck to collaborating with Bill Irwin… she truly represents the versatility that Vail Dance Festival presents to their audiences. Her performances showcase the real variety of work that happens at the Festival every summer.

So we created a video to show just that. Here’s a little peek at Tiler Peck’s impact at Vail Dance Festival.

Plus, who doesn’t want to watch Tiler Peck dance?

One of my first Vail Dance interviews.

Tiler was one of my very first interviews 7 years ago when I started filming at VDF. I remember thinking I couldn’t believe how talented she was – she was SO young! It’s been really fun to watch her grow and mature as a dancer every summer.

Christopher and I are so grateful to work with her. She’s a loving and generous person. A few years ago she was dancing every single night in so many pieces – soo many! Still, she always graciously said yes to on-camera interviews between rehearsals and performances and backstage and everywhere. In my mind, she is a total star. And just a really thoughtful person.

Here’s to 10 more years of her incredible performances at Vail Dance Festival!

Did you hear? Tiler Peck was recently mentioned as one of Washington Post’s Powerful Women of 2017!