Chita Rivera Awards | Red Carpet Press Event Video

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Promotional Video

I have been working with Nikki Atkins, the Founder and Producing Artistic Director of American Dance Machine for the 21st Century for such a long time. So when she said she was now hosting, directing AND producing the very first Chita Rivera Awards, I got so excited!!

First of all, Chita Rivera is an icon and I have always admired her. I spent time with her in the studio when she set work on Georgina Pazcoguin. She was restaging a piece for an American Dance Machine performance at The Joyce.

In June we filmed the Press Event for the Chita Rivera Awards.

And I got first-hand experience in acting like paparazzi. The press loved it and so did I. I left the event invigorated.

Have I mentioned how much I love to interview people?! Well, I do, and I’m continuously working on getting better and better at it! The Press Event for the Chita Rivera Awards was fast-paced so I had to keep all my interviews short and sweet.

In September we filmed the red carpet at the Chita Rivera Awards.

And let me tell you, I had to work REALLY hard on not being starstruck!!!

I love musical theater, I always have! To stand right in front of the cast of Come From Away (my favorite musical right now), to interview Robbie Fairchild (whom I adore), to be in the presence of David Hyde Pierce, Bebe Neuwirth and Chita Rivera herself… I call this Musical Theater Heaven!!!

Once the show began, it took every ounce of me not to cry. I just kept thinking to myself, “Wow, am I grateful we can film these shows so people can see them years down the road!” The Chita Rivera Awards was a night to remember.

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