The Purpose of Content Marketing. Videographer Nel Shelby Productions.

Video Tip: Content Marketing with Video

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Video Tip

Marketing online means creating exciting content.

When we create video for our clients, we’re not just creating each video to promote a single performance one time only. We hope the dance performances we film and edit aren’t only used to give a potential presenter a look at a show or to teach rep to a new member of the dance company five years from now. Our video is made to serve all these purposes AND MORE!

Really, our main goal is to provide our clients with beautiful, exciting, interesting, goosebump-making content to share with their audience in multiple ways and keep them excited about what they have to offer!!

The idea behind content marketing is to be generous.

If your dance company keeps giving something of value and something that’s beautiful for FREE, your audience stays engaged and gets hooked on what you offer. Once they’re hooked, they’ll want to purchase tickets the next time you have a show or give to your cause next time you have a fundraiser.

So take that video you have only shared with a presenter and create an excerpt you can share on social media. Take the promo you made for a past performance and remove the end credits with the dates – now use it as a video piece on an email or blog post. We love seeing content reused in different ways.

It can be scary to give what you spend time and money on for free. Like writing these video tips for you – we put time and effort and spend money on making them look nice on our website and reach you via social media and email. We hope that you’ll get some ideas out of reading them, and that you’ll remember we’re knowledgeable AND nice and think of us the next time you need help with video.

We hope that you’ll want to learn even more, and sign up for our email list!

We can’t guarantee you will, though. And that’s ok. Because the dancers and choreographers who do gain value from our video tips will remember and follow and subscribe. We’ll grow relationships and nurture existing ones. It’s only good for our business to give some things away for free!

The Purpose of Content Marketing. Videographer Nel Shelby Productions.

Free Access to Capacity Interactive Boot Camp!

This week, at Capacity Interactive’s 2017 Digital Marketing Boot Camp, we will be talking about all things marketing as a performing arts family. Sending out content that inspires and educates and just makes people smile will definitely be discussed.

And Capacity Interactive knows the value of giving away content, too. So, as one of the sponsors of the Boot Camp this year, Nel Shelby Productions will be streaming two of the sessions LIVE on Facebook to whoever wants to watch them.

The Boot Camp is always packed with great speakers and excellent marketing advice for performing arts companies.

We cannot wait to help Capacity Interactive reach even more artists with two expert sessions below!! Join us on their Facebook page to watch!

Colleen Dilenschneider
October 19, 2017 at 9:15 AM EST

During this keynote, Colleen Dilenschneider dives into the big data about why
digital engagement is anything but optional for arts organizations today.

Watch on Facebook Live!

Erik Gensler + Jennifer Zaslow
October 20, 2017 at 9:30AM EST

The session will cover the importance of defining values in the workplace, investing in people,
and how to build a culture that allows for innovation.

Watch on Facebook Live!