Dance Connects | An Inspiring Video For the NYC Department of Education

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Promotional Video | 0 comments

Dance Connects was a very special project that was produced along with Ana Nery Fragoso, the Director of Dance at the Department of Education and Jody Gottfried Arnhold.

Ana and Jody came to me with an idea: to make a film that connects dancers in their homes all around the city, from one movement to the next.

I told them that my colleague and friend, Mitchell Rose, had done a similar project — I called Mitchell and requested his guidance, which he was happy to provide. Next, I called my friend from years ago, Michael Wimberly, to compose the music, and I asked my editor Caroline Haidet to help produce the film.

Despite the state of the world changing so much every day, dance is still happening in the homes of children all over New York City.

Their teachers have adapted to unforeseen circumstances and they have still been making dances for their students.

Dance Connects, right?

I think we all know it does, and this video really shows it.

Please share this video with friends, family, and fellow dancers as a reminder that the arts can still bring us together, even when we’re physically apart.