I couldn’t be happier to help shed light on the wonderful professional development and training available to dance educators in New York City.

Filming and creating promotional reels about dance educators and dance teacher training is just one of the ways Nel Shelby Productions can be involved in bringing dance to every child. We are thrilled to have longstanding relationships with both Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) at 92Y and the professional development workshops offered by the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE).

We created this promotional video for DEL Essentials: An Introduction to Dance Education Laboratory last year, but I hope it continues to highlight the engaging and rewarding programs DEL offers teachers year-round. DEL Essentials is a three-day workshop that teaches the fundamentals of the DEL model of dance education, including Laban Movement Analysis applications, child development methods and strategies, lesson planning, creative technique and integrating dance into school curricula.

DEL’s upcoming workshops June 13-16 and 18 & 19 are in Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology in Dance Education. We’re excited to capture these lessons on film.

Jody Gottfried Arnhold founded Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) in 1995, with Joan Finkelstein as Founding Director and Ann Biddle as Founding Faculty. For nearly twenty years, DEL has been training and supporting the work of dance educators, equipping the teachers of today with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom.

I didn’t realize what an advocate I am for dance education until I created PS DANCE! alongside Jody Gottfried Arnhold (Executive Producer of the film) and Joan Finkelstein (a Consultant for PS DANCE!). Dance transforms – it inspires, it connects, it breeds discipline and hard work and respect. That’s why I believe so wholeheartedly in the work of DEL and NYCDOE (whose next city-wide professional development workshop we just filmed yesterday, June 9th) in making #danceforeverychild.

Jody, Joan, Ana Nery Fragoso and all of the amazing advocates and educators at Dance Education Laboratory and the Department of Education are working so hard to make dance available for our children – and you can join the movement, too! Check out our new resources on the PS DANCE! website to help make your school a PS DANCE! school. 🙂