Dance Heginbotham | Principles of Uncertainty Promo Video for Presenters

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Promotional Video

Promoting A New Dance With Video

Dance Heginbotham premiered Principles of Uncertainty, a collaboration with illustrator and painter Maira Kalman at Jacob’s Pillow last summer. I’ve known choreographer John Heginbotham and his Executive Director Adrienne Bryant for a long time.
Adrienne asked if I could make a promo of the work to share with presenters and use for marketing. I was already very familiar with the show since I had filmed it and had done an edit for Jacob’s Pillow.
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There are so many elements in Principles of Uncertainty. Musicians and set pieces and speaking parts. The challenge was: How can I show people what this dance is about in one minute?

What music would I use when the score changed so often, and it was so beautiful? (The music was composed by Colin Jacobsen of Brooklyn Rider.)

Those kinds of challenges are fun when you’re editing.

I feel like it turned out nicely, and gives you a sense of the different layers of the work. I’m happy to hear it’s being put to good use by the company:

“This has been a great tool for our presenters bringing the work this spring. I much prefer having control over the visuals used in marketing on our behalf, so being able to share something that is ready to go was really helpful!”
– Adrienne Bryant, Executive Director, Dance Heginbotham