It’s important to communicate your vision for filming and your resulting video. Clients who are new to video might require some guidance, so we put together some useful terms to describe your video footage:

Wide Camera

This angle stays as wide as the action and captures all of the movement at your event: entrances & exits, set pieces, the overall choreography, all dancers, all the time.



Close Camera

This angle comes in closer to the action to highlight solos, duets or just zoom in on the action.

Example blending wide and close cameras:


Half Body

This angle moves in even closer to capture emotion on the performers’ faces, subtle gestures, significant port de bras and more. You will not see a dancer’s full range of movement with this camera angle.

Example of a multi-camera film with several half-body shots:


This technology allows us to broadcast your film online or in an alternative space as it is being performed. We can use one or more of the camera angles above during a live-stream project.

NSP has live-streamed events for New York Live Arts, Buglisi Dance Theatre and Morphoses at The Joyce, among others.


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