I can’t believe we just made a video with a dancing robot! When Falkor Systems asked two of my past clients, Kyla Barkin and Aaron Selissen, to dance with their new pet drone, they asked us to come on as videographers. Ben Richards, a member of my NSP team, documented the process.

Kyla wore a black shirt with the Falkor logo and the robot responded to the logo – that’s how it knew how to “dance” with her. With Ben’s footage of the robot in action, and the robot’s footage from its camera that filmed Kyla, Ben was able to create a really fun video with multiple-perpectives.

Ben, along with Sameer, who is the brain behind the robot and the owner of Falkor, collaborated to create a script, storyboard the film and create a 3-minute promotional video.

Video Tip

I love working on promotional videos in the dance world. In order to pull off a project like this there has to be planning involved, and I like to ask my clients questions like: what is your end product? What do you want people to do after they see the video? …These answers determine how you film it and how you storyboard the film.

Here, the task was to come up with a story about this flying robot, and Ben and Sameer decided it was really about the robot dreaming of becoming a dancer. What a fun way to introduce the robot to the public!