Filming Yanira Castro at New York Live Arts

by | Nov 19, 2019 | 0 comments

Filming Yanira Castro at New York Live Arts was a huge highlight of my year.

We went into the performance having no idea what would unfold.

When we arrived, we had a meal with Yanira in the lobby of Live Arts, where she served one of her grandmother’s Puerto Rican dishes. Then we were ushered into the theater, where we quickly became a part of the performance.

Yanira Castro’s show was highly interactive, with each performance changing from night to night. My team and I decided to commit to the immersive experience and go all in…no standing on the sidelines.

When we left, I remember thinking “Whoa…what just happened?!” Whatever it was, I knew I liked it!!!

We went back to film a later performance. The biggest challenge was figuring out how exactly to film it, since we weren’t able to move freely around the space. Cayla and I each hid in a corner, intently capturing what was happening around us.

I’ll tell you, I was very nervous—but that’s because I wanted to capture this experience with integrity, and be true to what was happening.

Cayla and I left the performance exhausted, since we had been so focused on filming the experience unfolding around us.

This film shoot was for the New York Public Library Jerome Robbins Dance Division. How special that such a unique show is now in the collection!!

Yanira Castro’s headshot by Maria Baranova.

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