Finding Comfort In Being Transparent

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Warm Note

Photo of Nel Shelby by Jamie Kraus for Jacob’s Pillow

A few weeks ago, my business coach asked me: “What is your love language?”

I have taken so many quizzes, tests, and workshops in my lifetime, but I had never taken the quiz to find my love language. After our call ended, I took the quiz—I was so curious.

My love language is words of affirmation.

I was not surprised by this. I love feedback. I love to hear how I am doing or how people feel, and I LOVE to tell people how I feel about them and give them praise.

My team has a Slack channel called #nsplovechannel—I slacked everyone and asked them to take the quiz, and then my family took the quiz as well.

There is something so wonderful about being transparent, asking for what you need, and being able to give others what they need. So now I have a document that lists everyone’s love language to remind me what is important to them, and I really love that I have that insight.

During the last 18 months, when we all have been asked to pivot, shift, slow down, speed up, experiment—I have found comfort in being very transparent.

This quiz inspired me to continue being transparent with each other and with our clients about what we need as a team at NSP. It also helped me realize why I’ve been moved in the past year and a half to include more crediting of our work in contracts, in emails, in social media posts, and more…

I feel very vulnerable sharing this with you, but it is time—I have done some deep-rooted exploration recently on why it’s important to me that we receive credit for our work. I now realize that it is about feeling affirmation for what we have created. Ha!

The idea of “crediting the creators” has become so powerful in my mind… I think we should always give credit where credit is due, and that’s why I started making sure everyone on my team is included in the credits of our videos.

Crediting shows love. It provides affirmation. Every day I am working to be better at this.

This is why we’ve been asking our clients to remember and prioritize crediting when they share the videos we produce. Not just crediting NSP but all your collaborators and team members!

I hope you take the quiz and find out your love language. If you do, tell me your results—I would love to know!!!

With gratitude,

PS: I was recently featured on the Conversations On Dance podcast. Take a listen!! 🎧

Nel Shelby is Owner & Filmmaker for Nel Shelby Productions, her New York City-based company dedicated to dance videography and editing. Nel shares her mission to preserve and promote the art of dance with her husband, Christopher Duggan, a dance and wedding photographer. They collaborate on projects with dance companies of worldwide renown, up-and-coming choreographers, dance educators, dance schools and more. Nel is Video Producer at Jacob’s Pillow and Vail Dance Festival and is also the proud Director and Producer of PS DANCE! — a New York Emmy-nominated documentary about dance education in NYC’s public schools.