Last Fall, my husband surprised me in a BIG way! He had our wedding video edited by my wonderful editor Ashli Bickford.

Many, many hours of footage that had been sitting in a box for years (9 to be exact). I thought this wouldn’t happen until our 50th!! I was over the moon excited and literally have watched it probably 30 times – it doesn’t help that my 6 year old wants to watch it ALL the time. 

This got me thinking and got me inspired about the power of video. We have our photos of our wedding, which we love and hold very sacred and really that is what we have been looking at for the past 9 years. AND then…after 9 years of just looking at photos of our wedding, I saw that weekend come to life in moving images.  I got to see how I was on that day, I got to see expressions on our families’ faces, expressions on my friends’ faces.  I heard what people said about Christopher and me in private interviews. The whole day came to life again!

Why am I telling you this? I film dance, not weddings. But I am sharing this with you, because first of all, I was so inspired and it invigorated me and reminded me why I do what I do. And number two, as many of you know, my husband is an extremely gifted wedding photographer, and now after 10 years of making wedding photos, Christopher has added an incredible film team to capture weddings. I wanted to also share one of his new wedding films with you, so you could share it with your friends if they are getting married. Spread the inspiration & love!!