We’ve really been working at Nel Shelby Productions on getting all dance video projects to clients with fast turnaround when dance companies need their editing and filming done quickly.

Francesca Harper came to us with a video challenge – she had to film her performance during APAP and then give out DVDs at APAP two days later. We planned two months in advance to ensure we could make this tight timeline work for Francesca. Our team filmed her dance performance with two cameras on Wednesday and edited two pieces together with both camera angles so Francesca could hand out DVDs on Friday afternoon.

I’ve admired Francesca Harper and her work since I saw her teaching in The School at Jacob’s Pillow. When she called me to work together at APAP, I was really excited. Of course, I’m on maternity leave so I couldn’t film her show myself…but Christopher and my team had a great time working with her!