Rudolf Steiner School | Fundraising Film for their Spring Gala

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Gala Video for Rudolf Steiner School in New York

Earlier this year, Christopher and I were talking to Eileen Diskin, the Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations at the Rudolf Steiner School. She was in need of a video to play at their annual gala – a heartwarming fundraising tool that could work for the school in different ways.

She wanted something to re-center people – to bring them back to what’s important about education, to reflect on why they send their kids to Steiner.

We were really excited about making a video for the school. The challenge was figuring out what else to say (they already have an institutional video that explains the Waldorf method of education and gives a sense of the school). After interviewing faculty, students (we interviewed our daughter, Gracie, too!) and parents, we decided that we wanted to focus on what people feel about Waldorf education – what makes it so special to them.

When we finished the film, Christopher and I had chills!! It truly encapsulates the feelings we have being at Steiner!

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“They teach you to see other people and how to be your own person.”

The film was shown at the School’s Spring Gala, and it was a huge hit!

Now it will be used to recruit new students, to inspire families and to raise more money for things like the Annual Fund. I am thrilled that Christopher and I were able to create this video and that it can live on, and continue to be watched and shared. I am so proud that my daughter is able to grow and learn in such an incredible environment!

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