Rudolf Steiner School | Fundraising Film for their Spring Gala

by | May 24, 2017 | Promotional Video | 0 comments

Gala Video for Rudolf Steiner School in New York

Earlier this year, Christopher and I were talking to Eileen Diskin, the Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations at the Rudolf Steiner School. She was in need of a video to play at their annual gala – a heartwarming fundraising tool that could work for the school in different ways.

She wanted something to re-center people – to bring them back to what’s important about education, to reflect on why they send their kids to Steiner.

We were really excited about making a video for the school. The challenge was figuring out what else to say (they already have an institutional video that explains the Waldorf method of education and gives a sense of the school). After interviewing faculty, students (we interviewed our daughter, Gracie, too!) and parents, we decided that we wanted to focus on what people feel about Waldorf education – what makes it so special to them.

When we finished the film, Christopher and I had chills!! It truly encapsulates the feelings we have being at Steiner!

“They teach you to see other people and how to be your own person.”

The film was shown at the School’s Spring Gala, and it was a huge hit!

Now it will be used to recruit new students, to inspire families and to raise more money for things like the Annual Fund. I am thrilled that Christopher and I were able to create this video and that it can live on, and continue to be watched and shared. I am so proud that my daughter is able to grow and learn in such an incredible environment!

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