When Dance New Amsterdam announced they were closing their doors, the dance community lost an important place to learn and make movement. So when Christopher and I heard that Gina Gibney had been asked to take over the space, we were elated. We had worked with Gina before photographing her dance company and filming events and showings at Gibney’s 890 Broadway space. We knew that if anyone could make this space work for dancers, Gina could do it.

So we were really excited when Gina called us to film her official announcement, and we’re thrilled to share this video series we are creating with Gibney Dance about their plans for their expansion to 280 Broadway. We’ve been on site filming everything from construction workers knocking down walls to interviews with Gibney staff about new programs and performance opportunities.

This project is special to us, because we’re filming, editing AND helping shape the storylines and content to align with Gibney’s marketing and fundraising goals. Each interview has a larger purpose, and each video is going to help show Gibney’s progress and their great ideas for the new space. This is the kind of bigger picture thinking we love to do with all our dance video clients!!

Stay tuned for updates on Gibney education, performances, the new Varis Performance Lab and more!!