I just want to tell you about my dream.

I’ve always admired ice skaters. Ice skating is my favorite favorite thing to watch in the Winter Olympics. What’s always attracted me to dance film and videography was not only that I’m a former dancer but I really just like to move. Movement is really important to me. I’ve always dreamt of filming ice skating because it would be capturing movement on another level – the speed alone is so different!

When Moira North of Ice Theatre of New York asked me to film their ICE:DANCE performance it took every ounce of me not to scream in excitement. I was totally bummed that I was nine months pregnant so I couldn’t film this myself, but I sent some of the awesome NSP videographers to Chelsea Piers ice rink to film the performance. The production was amazing and featured 14 of the world’s top skating stars including Ryan Bradley, John Kerr, Eve Chalom, Kim Navarro, Brent Bommentre and Joel Dear. And it featured new dances on ice by Edward Villella, Charles “Chucky” Klapow and Douglas Webster.