Amanda Smith and Anthony Santos of Dance Theatre of Harlem by Christopher Duggan

Jacob’s Pillow 2020 Artists | Dance Video

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Promotional Video | 0 comments

Editing Short Jacob’s Pillow Dance Videos To Help Sell Tickets

Each year, we gather footage from all the artists about to perform at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. We then create short videos that help the Pillow promote and sell the shows. We have done this every summer since 2005!!

Jacob’s Pillow’s tickets go on sale in April, but they have recently started stirring up excitement for the 2020 season with video from a variety of artists before the on-sale date.

How These Promo Videos Fit Into Their Marketing Plan

We get video footage from the artists (in some cases, NSP has the footage we need, because we’ve filmed the company before), and edit it to create short promotional dance videos to use on social media, in Facebook and Instagram ads, and on the Pillow website – especially ticket pages.

I have to hand it to my genius editor, Ashli Bickford, who has been working with me for 8 years – she knows the Pillow so well and really makes these promo videos look gorgeous. I couldn’t imagine making these without her!!!

I feel super honored to be able to put these together each year. The Pillow is one of my favorite places in the entire world.

Director Pam Tatge’s selection of artists for this year’s Festival is incredible. I’m so excited Gauthier Dance is coming back. Ballet Hispanico, MOMIX, Dorrance Dance… I mean, this is a ton of artists I love!!

I hope these videos help you get as excited about the Festival as I am!

“I love working on the Jacob’s Pillow season overview videos with NSP – I’ve been doing it for 7 years now!

It’s the kind of project that makes me feel like I am cheating the system a bit – getting hired to get a sneak preview of all the incredible artists and programs coming to the festival that summer before it’s  announced to the public.

While creating these videos, I am sometimes exposed to artists I’m unfamiliar with and I find myself wrapped up in what they are creating!! The quality of artists in Jacob’s Pillow’s lineups are so top-notch that it really is a joy to make videos of their pieces.”

– Ashli Bickford