This week at Jacob’s Pillow was so much fun, because we had friends performing in both theaters – Dance Theatre of Harlem & Reggie Wilson/Fist & Heel Performance Group!

Dance Theatre of Harlem photo by Christopher Duggan at Jacob's Pillow

Dance Theatre of Harlem; photo by Christopher Duggan at Jacob’s Pillow

My husband Christopher summed it up perfectly this week on his blog post with photos of the companies’ performances: “It’s always fun to work with artists that we have relationships with. It’s great to see the breadth of an artist’s work and have that kind of ongoing, friendly relationship. I think our close relationships with artists is mutually beneficial, because we have a deeper insight into what they do and that insight is reflected in the photos and video we produce.”

Reggie Wilson photo by Christopher Duggan at Jacob's Pillow

Reggie Wilson/Fist & Heel Performance Group; photo by Christopher Duggan at Jacob’s Pillow

The more we are familiar with a dance company’s work, the more creative we can be in our documentation of it. The more we know the choreographer and dancers, the more ideas we have for conveying their spirit in promo videos and highlight reels and documentary films… These are always things we strive for with every dance video client – but it’s been a real blessing to have many clients who we work with on a regular basis, really getting to know them and their work on a deeper level.

Speaking of getting to know a dance company…that’s why you’re here! Enjoy this week’s Jacob’s Pillow Post-Show Talks created by my phenomenal Jacob’s Pillow Dance video team!

Dance Theatre of Harlem Post-Show Talk with Scholar in Residence Nancy Wozny

Reggie Wilson Post-Show Talk with Scholar in Residence Maura Keefe


Nel Shelby and Christopher Duggan are a Manhattan-based husband and wife team, making photos & video with dance artists every summer at Jacob’s Pillow. Subscribe to Nel’s email for new dance videos and video tips every other week.