Post-Show Talk with L.A. Dance Project

“Being a classical dancer for my whole life, it felt a little intimidating to take over a company that is so contemporary, but also exciting … there are a lot of classical things that help contemporary dance.”
–  Carla Körbes, Associate Artistic Director, L.A. Dance Project

Post-Show Talk with Liz Gerring Dance

“For a dancer to be in my company, there is a tremendous physical effort that’s required. One of the things I feel that happens when you have very intense physicality is that there’s no space for any kind of artificial add-ons, you’re just focused on doing the movement. That to me, creates a certain kind of purity and honesty in the performer that I find very appealing.”
– Liz Gerring, Artistic Director/Choreographer, Liz Gerring Dance Company

Nel Shelby Dance Videographer in Action


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