Mariclare Hulbert, the Director of Marketing and Communication at Jacob’s Pillow, asked if I could help create a video specifically about the dance festival’s amazing summer internship program. We felt like interns arrive each summer without really having a clue what to expect. So, the purpose of this video was to fill that gap and show potential interns and interns who were accepted into the program what they’ll be doing, where they’ll be living, and what the Pillow’s like.

Yin Yue at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

Yin Yue at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival; photo by Christopher Duggan

Our idea was to make an informative and promotional video. We didn’t want to just interview current interns while at the festival this past summer but to track down and talk to former interns who have been out of Jacob’s Pillow and ask them how the internship made an impact on their lives.

We had so many engaging and inspiring conversations (we couldn’t fit them all into the video!) It was really fun to put together, especially as a former intern myself. I had that perspective as well – not knowing exactly what to expect out of a 10-week summer dance festival in the woods and finding that the internship has really changed my life!

Ashli Bickford, former Jacob's Pillow intern and current Nel Shelby videographer and editor

Ashli Bickford, former Jacob’s Pillow intern and current Nel Shelby videographer and editor; photo by Christopher Duggan

Almost my entire Nel Shelby team – Ashli Bickford, Amy Jacobus, Jessica Ray and Cherylynn Tsushima – are Pillow people. And my Project Manager Emily Schoen has performed at Jacob’s Pillow, so she knows where we’re coming from!

Watch this informative and promotional video about Jacob’s Pillow Dance internships. Enjoy and please pass on this video to anyone you think might want to apply for next summer. More information here!