There’s more to Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival than amazing dance performances and great history behind the buildings and studios. Each year, the Pillow has highly informative talks by brilliant dancers, artistic directors, dance photographers, dance videographers, filmmakers, writers and more.

Jacob's Pillow dance video talk with Nel Shelby, Wendy Whelan


My Art of Promotion Dance Film PillowTalk with Wendy Whelan & Ellen Bar, moderated by Maura Keefe

These panel discussions, Q&A’s and short talks correspond to the season’s offering in dance performances and exhibits. Pre and Post-Show Talks really set the scene for the shows on stage and give greater context for all dance-goers – newcomers and loyal fans, too.

PillowTalks offer more in-depth discussion. They cover a HUGE range of topics, from copyright issues in the dance world to adding humor into performance. (We’re talking about you, Monica Bill Barnes!)


This was my first year participating as an expert in a PillowTalk! I talked about the Art of Promotion using dance film with New York City Ballet’s Ellen Bar. Wendy Whelan made a cameo appearance to tell about her experience making our Restless Creature dance film project. It was wonderful to share dance film words of wisdom with our Pillow audience!!

We talked about how I’m always trying to find the “chill factor” and how dance film on the web has the ability to bring dance to even wider audiences! But it’s not all magic – making short dance films requires tons of detail planning!

Check out Wendy Whelan’s Post-Show Talk with our friend and Pillow Scholar-in-Residence Maura Keefe. Every second of this talk is fascinating. Nicole Fuentez, my amazing video apprentice, worked so hard each week to have these Post-Show Talks ready for YouTube by Sunday. She did such a great job!!

Thank you to my awesome husband Christopher Duggan for capturing these great moments during my first PillowTalk!!