Jacob’s Pillow Video Interns | A Dance Video Roundup

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Summer after summer, I find more to love about Jacob’s Pillow!

I love the energy, the environment, the artists, the staff… I’m so grateful to be the Video Producer at one of the most magical places in the dance world. It wouldn’t be as magical if it wasn’t for the Jacob’s Pillow interns!!

Every year, I get to interview and hire some really rock star candidates to film the festival’s performances, behind-the-scenes happenings, community events and so much more! A lot of my interns at the Pillow go on to work with Nel Shelby Productions in NYC. Videography at the Pillow is hard work, it takes creativity and passion for dance, and it’s turned into a great training ground for building my own team.

This year, I have the pleasure of working with Andrea and Coal, who are so eager to learn and who have put so much into the Festival so far. Their willingness, talent, effort, stamina, laughter and creativity have made it a joy to teach them and film with them.

If you’ve been following along during my last couple summers at the Pillow, you know how much we love to give some peeks behind-the-scenes in our videos.

Telling a story about a particular company, artist or performance from many different angles is a big part of our work at NSP. The behind-the-scenes dance films my team and I create show the dances from a vantage point most audience members aren’t able to know or experience, and I think that is so much fun!!

I’m at Vail Dance Festival this week while my team and interns continue to film at Jacob’s Pillow. It’s amazing to see so much dance video happening in three cities at once – Vail, Becket and New York! While I’m creating some new Vail videos to share, my interns Andrea and Coal share their thoughts on their favorite behind-the-scenes videos from Jacob’s Pillow so far.

Photo by Grace Kathryn Landefeld for Jacob’s Pillow
“I loved capturing clips like this of The Happiness Project created by Didy Veldman! It was a blast to put on my critical, creative lens to capture the essence of this work. Capturing dance on camera can actively pull you deeper into the performance and gives you the rush of interacting with the performance as it is happening. I love that.”
Andrea Knudson

Video Intern (2019), Jacob's Pillow

“It was incredible to be so close to a piece usually divided by proscenium. I was excited and thankful to share a personal perspective of this work.”
Coal Rietenbach

Video Intern (2019), Jacob's Pillow

Photo by Grace Kathryn Landefeld for Jacob’s Pillow

I’m proud of my interns, and I’m proud of my husband!! Have you been following Christopher’s gorgeous Pillow photos this season?!

These portraits of Irene Rodriguez are AMAZING!!

Irene is so open, so loving. And the drama and beauty of her artistry really shine through in these photos they made together. Follow him @cduggandancephotos for more Pillow and more Vail!!