DEL’s 2020 Movement Sentence Choir; photo Cherylynn Tsushima


Live-streaming Dance Education Laboratory (DEL)’s 2022 Movement Sentence Choir at 92NY

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Dance Film, Performance Video | 0 comments

We recently live-streamed Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) at 92nd Street NY’s 2022 Movement Sentence Choir.


DEL’s Movement Sentence Choir happens each year, and each year we film and livestream it. In fact, we have been live-streaming this event for the past eight years now! 🤯


Live-streaming an event this important is a HUGE honor.

You already know that I am a passionate advocate for dance education, and NSP regularly works with Dance Education Laboratory

One of my favorite parts about the Movement Sentence Choir is being in-the-moment and seeing all of the participants get excited to tell their friends and families that they’ll be able to tune in live. The immediacy about a livestream is just so special – there’s a buzz in the air, and the energy of the participants is unreal.

The fact that we’re able to share this special event with people all across the world to introduce them to DEL’s incredible community, the creativity of the artists, and the collaboration between people of all ages is really meaningful to me and my team. 

I’m sharing the dance film we made out of the live-streamed performance with you today. 

In it, you’ll see creation, movement, collaboration, live music, joy…

DEL’s Movement Sentence Choir is a beautiful reminder of why dance education is so incredibly important.