Nel Shelby Productions; Dance Magazine's 30 Over 30 Feature

Live-streaming Lincoln Center’s Restart Stages

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Livestream, Virtual Events | 0 comments

The Nel Shelby Productions team has been working with Lincoln Center to film and livestream public performances during Restart Stages at Lincoln Center this summer.

The summer is typically a busy time for NSP, with video teams working in two or three locations: Jacob’s Pillow in Massachusetts; Vail Dance Festival in Colorado; and filming or streaming from various performance spaces in NYC.

Live-streaming performance requires a full team working together to direct cameras, troubleshoot technical issues, work audio, and more.

When I’m on the project personally, I lead the team and sit in the Director’s chair. But when I’m on a different location, someone on the team needs to step into that role.

Nel Shelby Productions; Dance Magazine's 30 Over 30 Feature
Nel Shelby Productions; Dance Magazine's 30 Over 30 Feature

Caroline Haidet has been promoted to Director for Restart Stages, and I am so proud of the work she’s been doing with our team.

Mentoring and encouraging my team to embrace new roles and challenges has really been the work I’ve been doing most during the past year and a half, as we help artists connect with audiences through the pandemic.

The pace at which we’ve been growing and live-streaming and moving has been a little like throwing my team into the pool so they can learn how to swim. Trusting that they have what it takes before they even trust themselves. Knowing I’ve prepared my team year over year with enough training to film beautifully and problem solve as they go.

Mentorship feels like the main purpose behind my business. I’ve had years of experience leading new teams at Jacob’s Pillow—especially providing guidance and insight to interns still in college or just out of school who haven’t filmed live performance or mixed live broadcasts or streamed to an online audience…

Nel Shelby Productions; Dance Magazine's 30 Over 30 Feature

Teaching is a natural mode for me with my videographers, and it’s served us so well this past year to continue to learn and grow together in new roles.

Restart Stages at Lincoln Center encompasses 10 outdoor performance and rehearsal spaces and was designed to “help kickstart the performing arts sector and New York City’s revival.”

Performances are varied: there’s music, film, poetry, children’s programming, and more. And audiences can win free tickets through a lottery system to watch the shows in person!!

Please tune in to a livestream to cheer on Caroline as she directs one of the upcoming performances!