Livestreaming in three cities | Merce Cunningham Night of 100 Solos

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I learned the Cunningham technique while in college. I loved it so much. It reminded me of my core constantly… So much strength involved in dancing Cunningham!

Merce Cunningham is an icon, so to be challenged with live-streaming and filming his work is truly an honor. He was always interested in technology and video. Experimenting, pushing boundaries…

On April 16th, NSP will have teams in LA, NY and London, filming and coordinating together to make it possible for The Cunningham Trust to share three performances, live with audiences anywhere.

Years ago, it would have been impossible for audiences to see all of these performances happening on the same day, but through live-stream technology, we can share with global audiences three different performances across different time zones.

Live music, live performance, live video.

How amazing that we can do this and share this event with the world!!

We have worked hard to hammer out every detail about streaming, the sound, the platform, etc. to make this a beautiful event, accessible to all. I hope you’ll tune in to one performance or all three on April 16!!


Watch all 3 performances live from London, NY and LA on April 16th, starting at 2:45pm EDT!

Hear what our team is most excited about:

“I will be working on the London team and what I am most excited about is getting to know the different European dancers who will be performing in that part of the project.

I have not seen a lot of Cunningham’s work performed live, so I am excited to see how my perspective of the work transforms after experiencing it live verses watching an archival video of it.

The task of live mixing the London show while simultaneously running a successful livestream is a challenge that I am really looking forward to. I am also looking forward to seeing a bit of London while I am there as well!”

Amber Schmiesing

“I actually don’t come from a modern background whatsoever – I am a tap/jazz/hip hop dancer.

I learned everything I know about Merce Cunningham from working on the Dance Interactive website at Jacob’s Pillow where we pull many clips from old footage in the Pillow Archives. I also heard so many stories from Norton Owen about Merce at the Pillow. Our interns last summer, Caroline and Mason, studied Cunningham in college, so I also heard a lot of stories from them and their experiences, too.

I’m always up for the challenge to utilize my different skill set to pull off a livestream. Live-streaming can be stressful because it can often be unpredictable and the stakes are high with a live audience. It’s also fun in the same sense because your audience could be anywhere in the world!

It’s very cool that we get to honor a dance icon by sharing these performances all over the world.”

Brittany Pace

“In addition to working at NSP, I have been working at the Merce Cunningham Trust since I moved to NYC in September. It has been fascinating to be a part of the Trust during the final preparation stages for this event as it comes together with all of its moving parts.

It’s really rewarding to watch my two jobs collide, and getting the opportunity to film/livestream this monumental night with the NSP team is especially exciting for me! Throughout Merce’s life, he experimented with new technologies to create choreographic work and it only seems appropriate that we are utilizing live-streaming to make this centennial performance more accessible.

Merce Cunningham has had a very large influence on my dancing over the years, and I feel lucky to be able to do my part in helping share his celebration with audiences around the world!”

Caroline Haidet



Watch the livestream on The Trust’s website or Facebook page!

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