A Look Back at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2021 | In-Person & Virtual Dance Events

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Dance Film, Livestream, Virtual Events | 0 comments

We just wrapped Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2021!


I love directing and producing these projects, and leading a full team to support the vision we have for dance video at the Pillow is so rewarding… I am so PROUD of my team!!!


Festival Photographer/Drone Operator – Christopher Duggan
Assistant Photographer – Jamie Kraus
Guest Photographer – Cherylynn Tsushima
Video Director – Mason Chapello

Assistant Video Director – Sonia Bartolomeo
Interns – Taylor Hutchison and Sydney Samson

I also want to give a huge shout-out to Ashli Bickford, Benjamin Richards, Loren Robertson, Caroline Haidet, and Amber Schmiesing, for their support, mentorship, design skills, and guidance throughout the entire summer.

These talented people filmed 9 outdoor performances with 3 cameras outside. They then had to edit the show for it to be streamed digitally, which meant that they also had to create 9 trailers to promote each of the online premieres.

They also filmed 9 Pre-Show Talks and 9 Post-Show Talks, and 10 PillowTalks, which were edited and streamed on the Pillow’s YouTube channel, live-streamed 3 performances at The School at Jacob’s Pillow, documented 9 brand new site-specific works across the Pillow’s campus, produced 5+ additional marketing videos, documented special onsite events, curtain speeches, and more.

Christopher and Jamie photographed countless rehearsals, shows, new School Alumni, donor events, special shoots, artistic shoots, headshots and so much more.

And all of this was done with grace and so much love for Jacob’s Pillow.

This was a challenging summer no doubt.

With COVID restrictions, rain-outs, fast deadlines, new gear, 4K, and more rain, we do this because we love dance, we love video, we love collaboration, we love artists, and we LOVE Jacob’s Pillow.

20 years ago this summer I stepped foot on the grounds of Jacob’s Pillow as a video intern and my life changed forever.

I will always be grateful for this opportunity, and as my team continues to grow, I am grateful to give the opportunity to others.

Thank you to Pam Tatge and Norton Owen for all of your trust and support. And to everyone who was able to make #ReturnToDance happen this summer: Congratulations!!!

Don’t miss the chance to stream performances and talks from Festival 2021!!

STREB is available to stream for free until September 16 | Ballet Coast To Coast is available to stream for free until September 23 | The full playlist of Festival 2021’s PillowTalks are available for viewing indefinitely.