My Personal Dance Video Horror Story

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Performance Video | 0 comments


In 2001, after I graduated from college with a BFA in Dance and BS in Broadcast Video, I had a dream to dance on a cruise ship.

This had always been a dream of mine – I loved to sing, dance, act and travel and I felt a cruise ship could combine all of this together. It seemed like a perfect fit!

I remember looking at an audition opportunity and it asked we send a video if we could not attend the audition in person. “Perfect,” I thought, “I have video!!” About a year before, I was Sally Bowles singing Life is a Cabaret in my summer dance program at college. I was in a pink sequined dress, strutting on stage in heaven with the whole cast behind me dancing. I was singing and hoping I could get to those high notes as I was moving about the stage.

I looked at the video a year later and I was a tiny pea on stage. The camera was so far back you could barely see me. It was pretty much a set-it-and-forget-it.

I recently tried watching this video and could only see this!!!

Now, to the credit of my dance department, at least they filmed it, right!?

But, oh gosh, it did not look good.

You could barely hear me and I looked so small. In that moment, my dream was crushed… what will I do? Alright so I am being a bit dramatic here, but I had never auditioned for a cruise ship and my dream did not become a reality.

Looking back at this, I realized this is WHY my work of documenting and filming performances is so important to me and my team.

Clients have told me over and over how the quality of their video has helped them book their next gig, win a scholarship or a competition.

My dream did come true, perhaps with a different spin. I am so grateful! I am not interested in my experience happening to others though…. 🙂