Making a Multi-dimensional Promotional Dance Video

Nejla Y. Yatkin and I have been working together for a while now. As many of you may know, I went with Nejla and her company to Central America three years ago. We captured beautiful footage of performance, workshops, and site-specific work.

This year, she brought to me a unique challenge−she wanted to create a short video that encompassed all she does in the dance field. Nejla as a company director, solo performer, teacher and choreographer. She wanted to be able to show people all that she does. It was hard work fitting all of these aspects of her dance work into one video, but we are happy with the results.

She is such an incredible person, performer and visionary, and I think this promotional video shows her off in a beautiful way. We call this her “Institutional Promo,” because it describes all she does and showcases her place in the dance world. I would love to know what you think!

Be sure to look out for Nejla in class or on stage!