We’re wrapping up 2021 with a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Thank you to our wonderful clients who work so hard to make so much possible and bring the arts to all of us (especially during this time).

In 2021 we collaborated with over 200 artists, dance administrators, executive directors, marketing directors, and more…

With over 130 projects ranging from live-streams, on-demand shows, marketing films, documentaries, documentation of shows, hybrid events, and more…

Our mission is your mission. To make the arts accessible to ALL.

We are so grateful we could help make what felt impossible, possible.

With many fast turnaround projects, pivots, you name it, we worked to do this with you to make your work come alive on-screen.

Dance changes lives and we are so happy to serve this industry so that our clients can share what they do!!

Shout out to all of our clients! We love you and thank you for entrusting NSP with your art. It takes great courage to do what you do. 

And thank you to the NSP team that continues to grow, create, and challenge themselves as our projects get bigger and bigger.


Here’s to 2022!!