NYC Dancer Macy Sullivan at Jacob’s Pillow

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Promotional Video | 0 comments

“Small and Tall” by Caleb Teicher & Company; Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan

Years ago, Mariclare Hulbert (former Marketing Director of Jacob’s Pillow) and I discussed the idea of creating more “artsy” dance film-style videos to help promote The School at Jacob’s Pillow.

Our first video featured Craig Black (formerly of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, currently with Hubbard Street). The next one we made was with Calvin Royal III (American Ballet Theatre).

Our idea for these promotional videos was to feature all of the incredibly talented alumni of The School at Jacob’s Pillow.

There are SO many artists who have gone on to have such successful dance careers – why would we not feature them to hear about their time at Jacob’s Pillow?! It’s really inspiring to hear each individual artist’s experience, and you know how much I LOVE to interview!

Last year, we worked with the Pillow’s Marketing Team to create another one of these videos.

The ones we’ve made in the past have been performing successfully on social media and in the Pillow’s marketing campaigns. Plus, they’re the kind of videos my team and I love to create.

We worked with Macy Sullivan, a truly magical dancer.

Macy Sullivan attended The School at Jacob’s Pillow not once, but three times (!!!) and has been back to perform with several different companies throughout the years.

I worked with Amber Schmiesing on my team to film Macy on the Pillow grounds. We both brought our cameras and our creativity, and played around with Macy for a few hours allowing her to do her own thing and feel comfortable. After we felt that we had enough dance footage, we sat down and interviewed her.

Creating this simple edit tells SO much about the magic of The School at Jacob’s Pillow.

It’s important to us that whoever watches can really feel that magic – enjoy!!