When PS DANCE! aired on THIRTEEN/WNET in May, more than 18,000 viewers tuned in.

Isn’t that incredible?! I love to think that everyone who watched the film in NYC realizes the significant impact dance education has on children’s lives and its very special role in the city’s public schools.

hr_20150420_PSDance_MichaelKerr_ChristopherDuggan_020photo by Christopher Duggan

There are currently close to 400 certified dance teachers to teach in NYC’s 1,800 public schools. We need a dance program in those remaining 1,200!! Join the #danceforeverychild movement on the PS DANCE! website, and you can help us spread the word about dance education in public schools, learn more from our many dance education resources and keep the film’s message alive beyond the five boroughs.

Enjoy these five short clips from the film, and tune in to the full-length documentary on THIRTEEN.org, available now for streaming!

Thank you all for your heartfelt responses to the film – please keep them coming – I love to hear from you! xo