READY by Samuel Asher Kunzman | Dance Film

by | Aug 13, 2016 | Performance Video

I am thrilled to announce that READY is now ready for viewing!!!

Choreographer Samuel Asher Kunzman and I filmed his dance together in Prospect Park in Brooklyn this past Spring. He launched a Kickstarter to help fund the project, and he created READY with the goal of gaining visibility for dance through digital means.


Dance continues to reach a wider audience with social media – just look at how popular dancers’ profiles are on Instagram! – and video is a truly perfect way to expand a dancers’ circle, because video has the potential to get shared around like crazy!!

I have more and more clients asking to create dance films in addition to documenting the work they present on stage in the theater. Sometimes, we set up a film shoot in a theater space with no audience so we can get that proscenium, concert dance look to share with presenters as well as new audiences. In Samuel’s case, he had a vision for the type of environment that best suited his choreography for Alvin Ailey dancer Sarah Daley — outside in sunlight and nature!!


One of the most exciting things of dance on film is that it lives forever. This may seem obvious, but in a performing art as transient as dance, this is not something to be considered lightly! … I can continue to share the work day after day. It is my sincere hope that READY will reach audiences all over, some who are longtime patrons of the arts and some who have never seen concert dance before in their lives. With more projects of this nature, we could truly enrich the world!

Samuel Asher Kunzman

I am so happy to share this film. Samuel’s choreography is beautiful, and his passion for sharing dance to as many people as possible is beautiful, too. Sarah Daly is stunning – you all have no idea how many times she danced for us on our shoot, without even showing signs that she was tired!!

Thank you to my fab crew Steven DiCasa, Benjamin Richards and Brittany Pace. And of course, my talented husband, Christopher Duggan making photos of the whole day so we could share the experience leading up to the release of the film and keep treasured memories of our work behind-the-scenes. Enjoy!