We went to Boot Camp!

As many of you know (since I can’t stop talking about it), I went to Capacity Interactive’s Boot Camp a few weeks ago.  

I have always been impressed by Capacity Interactive with their forward thinking and their approach to digital marketing. I sat in the room for two days, listening to inspiring speakers and what jumped out at me most was the importance of having engaging content – content that inspires, entertains, and educates.

You would think I would not need to sit for two days to have that jump out at me. But I needed to sit there to remind myself to think out of the box.

I watched videos in those two days that were fun, cheesy, gorgeous and everything inbetween. It reminded me that there is always room to think bigger. In other words, I walked away with a deeper appreciation of my craft. I realized that the medium that I work in has the power to reach millions – in fact, performing arts ticket buyers watch 5 million youtube videos in just one month.

People spend much more time with computers and mobile devices than any other informative media.

People spend much more time with computers and mobile devices than any other informative media – that means they’re more likely to see your online video!

In fact, Erik Genzler (President of CI) persuaded everyone in the room to cut a print ad and make a video. The reach that a video has these days versus a print ad is exponential. In one week only, a video ad from the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival (where I work each year) saw an organic reach of 1 million people, while the print circulation in the New York Times was 680,000 – that’s over 30% more people reached without spending a dime. This boot camp reminded me how important it is to continue to find inspiration and keep growing, moving forward, and bringing our creativity to the table.

Now I have my work cut out for me…time to stretch my creative brain to see where we can really take this video thing and how we can help our clients reach as far as they possibly can with their message. Let’s get to it!!