Making Dance Films with Wendy Whelan

A few years ago, I stood up at a business development seminar to say that one of my ultimate dream projects was to create a documentary with Wendy Whelan. I had never met Wendy, but I had always admired her.

Now, I’ve filmed her in Vail for the last two summers, and Ilter Ibrahimof, who is producing her new project Restless Creature, asked me to create several short dance films to document the project and promote the wonderful work they’re making.

It’s really a dream come true! We’ve been working together for months now, filming rehearsals, work-in-progress showings and interviews, and I’m so thrilled to be sharing the first two installments in our dance video series. Our short dance films follow Wendy’s work with four immensely talented choreographers: Kyle Abraham, Joshua Beamish, Brian Brooks and Alejandro Cerrudo.

These duets will blow your mind. They are all so beautifully danced, and what makes this all even more special is that the performances premiere at Jacob’s Pillow this August. Only one month away!!

Plus, Tons of Dance Video in New York City

While I’m filming at Jacob’s Pillow, the Nel Shelby Productions team is hard at work filming and editing with dance companies and choreographers in New York City. Just this week we started a dance video project with Reggie Wilson/Fist and Heel Performance Group & wrapped up editing sessions for Ballet Hispanico & 10 Hairy Legs. We love what we do!