After nearly five wonderful years, Emily Schoen, our Project Manager, is leaving Nel Shelby Productions. I am sad to see Emily go – she has been a huge part of my business and has helped it grow in so many ways – but we are all excited for her next accomplishments.

I met Emily four and a half years ago in Central America while filming Nejla Y. Yatkin’s company. She was dancing with Nejla at the time, and we immediately hit it off. Now, as you may know, Emily dances with Keigwin + Company and also makes her own choreography for Schoen Movement Company. Her life is full, and she is leaving NSP to make more room for what’s next with her dance work.

Emily is training Amy Jacobus, our Marketing Manager, and Cherylynn Tsushima, our Project Coordinator, to take on all of her NSP responsibilities. Amy and Cherylynn are amazing, and I am so happy they have agreed to be a bigger part of the NSP team.

We’ve been working on some videos that better introduce our incredible team, and I wanted to share Emily’s video for NSP, before she leaves. It shows just a small part of the great enthusiasm and joy we’ve experienced working together, and the passion we all have for dance. We’ll miss you, Emily!