We are so lucky to work with such passionate, talented artists.

When we edit promotional films for dance companies to send to presenters, funders and more, we always take care to listen to the artists’ goals and sort through footage to find what inspires and moves us the most. When we edited a promo video for Stars of American Ballet – founded and directed by New York City Ballet Principal dancer Daniel Ulbricht – we knew a lot of their work and we were even familiar with some of the footage that was filmed by my video team at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.

Stars travels to cities that rarely host ballet performances and show top notch choreography featuring the best of the best of American ballet.

If you know me, you also know how much I believe in arts education. (PS DANCE, people!)

Stars of American Ballet also sponsors wonderful dance education programs that include master classes, pre-performance lectures and community outreach projects. We love that they offer these workshops, but when we got into the editing room, we realized that their education programming would make this a whole other video. We wanted to keep this one focused on their work on stage. Clarity of purpose is an important part of our process!

I hope you enjoy their trailer, and if you can, grab a seat at one of their awe-inspiring shows!! Maybe one day we’ll make another about their dance education initiatives!