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Storytelling With Video: How To Edit For The Chill Factor | Video Tip

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Video Tip | 0 comments

I recently went live with Ashli Bickford to discuss storytelling with video.

Ashli Bickford has been a videographer and editor on my team for such a long time. I met her years ago at Jacob’s Pillow where she was my intern and we’ve been working together ever since. She’s an extremely talented storyteller and we’ve collaborated on many, many projects together. Now she has her own company while she works for Nel Shelby Productions as a freelancer!

I go live on Facebook monthly to talk about all-things video, so this month I picked Ashli’s brain to talk about how she pulls out a story when filming and editing!

Storytelling through video is a big part of what we do at Nel Shelby Productions. We are always trying to find ways to dig deep and express an artist’s vision!

Q: How do you figure out how to tell a story?

A: It depends on the situation! When I’m shooting – whether it’s a rehearsal or an event – I like to keep my eyes open behind the camera as much as I can. It’s tricky because you could be closed off while focusing in on a certain thing that’s happening, but I’ve found that it’s important to almost balance your focus. Plus, I always have my editor brain on! I’m always thinking about the editing process – shooting comes secondary.

Q: How did you first start editing?

A: Just like everyone else at NSP, I grew up dancing. Dancing was my focus, but I felt like I could use some extra skills. I took one editing class in high school and I felt like I was dancing. Editing uses rhythm. I felt like I was choreographing a dance. How you put things together, how it flows – it was the closest thing to choreographing a dance (while seated!)

“Editing is like writing a paper when you’re in school. There are two different ways to write. You can just get it out on the paper in a stream of consciousness and go back and realize, ‘well, I just used the same word three times in this sentence…’ OR you can be intentional about your sense of structure where it might take longer up front, but you kind of have a finished product by the end.”

Ashli Bickford

Videographer, Editor