This is why I started my business in the first place!

When I started my dance videography business, I did it to make sure choreographers and performers would have access to excellent, high-quality, usable video footage of their work to share with grant-makers, audiences, presenters and more.

Summation Dance at BAM Fisher, Fall 2015

Years of building and expanding and growing and learning have taken Nel Shelby Productions to whole new levels of creative work, with marketing videos, fundraising films and even documentary filmmaking! We love all of the projects we make at NSP, but it’s still the documentation of live performances that we do most often.

Camille A. Brown & Dancers’ BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play at The Joyce, Fall 2015

Every Fall dance season our team calendar is filled with incredible performances to film and edit. Most of my clients choose one or two cameras and request DVDs and footage to be saved on external hard drives. (If we’re lucky, the budget allows for three camera angles, and we get an even more intimate look at the performance!)

My dance videography team is made up of current and former dancers, so we have a lot of musicality and sensitivity to what the needs are for great dance video. We attend dress rehearsal to prep for filming and talk to the choreographer about their vision for the final video. We’re fully present behind each camera, moving and focusing and really soaking in the work as we film. Then, we go through three rounds of edits with the artists to make sure we’ve created the perfect representation of the work.

Caitlin Trainor/Trainor Dance at Ailey Citigroup Theater, Fall 2015

It’s so much fun and really an honor to capture the beautiful, challenging, smart, innovative dances choreographers present here in New York City. We’re so excited about this season, and I hope we’ll get even a few more calls to film shows for the end of the year. We can never have too much dance in our lives!!