The 2021 Dance Magazine Awards; The New Age of Hybrid Performances; video by Nel Shelby Productions

The 2021 Dance Magazine Awards | The New Age of Hybrid Performances

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Hybrid Events, Livestream, Virtual Events | 0 comments

I have been so lucky to go to the Dance Magazine Awards for 7+ years because my husband Christopher is the photographer!!

I love the show. It’s always inspiring. Plus, I get to see all of the people I love in the dance world!

Over a year ago we helped Dance Magazine produce a virtual version of their annual Dance Magazine Awards since we were not able to all meet in-person.

This year (in fact, TONIGHT at 7:30pm ET) Dance Magazine is hosting a hybrid event at the Guggenheim with the opportunity to watch in-person or stream live online.

I am thrilled to work with Dance Magazine and my team on this show. The lineup of honorees is pretty incredible… you donā€™t want to miss this!

These hybrid performances are popping up everywhere! And we’re not complaining. šŸ˜Š The in-person option speaks for itself, but the live-stream version has so many possibilities:

Just last week we live-streamed Barnard College’s Dance Departmentā€™s performance. It was in-personĀ and we live-streamed to students’ families all over the country.

Livestream broadens your reach and allows you to includeĀ more of your fans who may have always wanted to be a part of something you present, but can’t due to:

  • timing
  • cost
  • travel
  • and now, because of the new world we’ve entered through the Covid-19 pandemic, comfort level.

Hybrid performances give more people the opportunity to enjoy your art!!!

If you’re worried about the live-stream experience being boring, you don’t have to! Our team always strives to make the run of show feel like you’re experiencing it live in the theater.

A lot of careful thought and intention goes into making virtual participants feel like they’re a part of the event. We don’t forget about them!!!

Tune in tonight for the 2021 Dance Magazine Awards.

Most of the honorees are artists that we have collaborated with in one way or another.

It’s going to be a great celebration!!