Cory Stearns and Devon Teuscher perform an excerpt from Todd Bolender's "The Still Point" in the International Evenings of Dance II at the Vail Dance Festival Photo by Christopher Duggan

Cory Stearns and Devon Teuscher perform an excerpt from Todd Bolender’s “The Still Point” at Vail Dance Festival 2021; photo by Christopher Duggan.

Vail Dance Festival 2021 | A Dance Video Round-Up

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Livestream, Promotional Video, Virtual Events | 0 comments

We just wrapped an incredible summer at Vail Dance Festival!

If you’re on my email list, you know how special Vail Dance Festival is to me and my team.

This year, our team consisted of Ashli Bickford, Caroline Haidet, Danica Paulos, and Nate Reininga.

Three of which have never been to Vail Dance Festival before! (I couldn’t wait to show them one of my favorite places in the world)!!

Then, of course, Christopher photographed the festival.


Throughout the two weeks the Festival ran, we filmed nine shows with four cameras.

All of the shows were seen outdoors on the lawn of the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater.

We also live-streamed the NOW: Premieres performances at the end of the Festival, which was the very first live-streamed show Vail has presented!


And, at the end of the two weeks, we had created over 15 pieces of content!!!

We had so much fun in Vail. I look forward to just being there each and every year.

We bring our family, we play, we work hard, we swim, we have fun, we hike… I’m so grateful to be a part of Vail Dance Festival and to film and edit the beautiful dancing that happens there every summer.

Below are a few of our favorite videos from Festival 2021, but you can find more on Vail Dance Festival’s YouTube Channel.

This year was my first year joining Nel and the NSP team at the Vail Dance Festival. It was incredible to be in a new location with the team, embracing the opportunities and challenges that come along with that.

I enjoyed how purposeful and marketing-centered our projects were. We worked with VDF’s awesome team to gather a list of videos that we needed to create and then built our filming schedule from there.

The artists were absolutely phenomenal, Damian Woetzel is an inspiring leader and Vail is truly stunning. In just 2 weeks, we crafted 20 videos and filmed 9 performances (1 was a livestream!)


– Caroline Haidet, In-House Videographer & Editor