It’s the final week of Jacob’s Pillow’s 2013 festival. This week Kyle Abraham and Martha Graham Dance Company are in the theaters, and I can’t wait to film their performances.

I’ve filmed extremely gifted dancers all summer – Wendy Whelan, Tiler Peck & Robert Fairchild, Fang-Yi Sheu to name a few – so I wanted to share a few more of my favorite highlights from Vail that I haven’t had the chance to show you yet.

Filming dancer Fang-Yi Sheu

Fang-Yi Sheu was a member of Martha Graham Dance Company for many years, so it feels fitting to share highlights from her solo work at Vail this week. She is masterful. When I watch her dance I go into another world. I have been fortunate enough to film her the last three years at Vail International Dance Festival and now seeing her next to my fave Ron Myles made me smile. I was amazed by how well the two complemented each other.

Filming dancer Sergei Polunin

Sergei Polunin is quiet in person, and as I interviewed him on camera, I wondered how he would be on stage… When I saw him dance, he took my breath away.

Nel Shelby Dance Videographer in Action


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