Our commitment to our clients goes beyond making high-quality video.

Excellence means more than showing up with the best equipment. As movers ourselves, we feel a deep devotion to the advancement of dance as an art form and bring this passion to every project we take on. We value collaboration with our clients and internally as a creative team. And we serve with kindness, knowing that the best projects are made of joy, not just deliverables.

Nel Shelby Productions is expert and professional.

Here at Nel Shelby Productions, we pride ourselves on our high-quality standards. We use all of the state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the sharpest, clearest video and sound. And rest assured that your video will be safe and secure: We store all of your footage in our own archive, just in case. We even have backups for our backups!

We have deep roots in the performing arts.

Our team has deep roots in the performing arts – which is why we’re so passionate about helping other artists promote and document their work! We want your performances to be seen and enjoyed by future generations – not just by those who buy tickets to your show. And we don’t work with just one kind of artist. We serve a diverse client base and have experience working in nearly every New York performance venue. Our team has an extensive knowledge of the field – and a strong understanding of our clients’ needs.

We really take care of our clients.

We know that an artist’s time is precious. We also know that the performing arts world just loves surprising us with last-minute opportunities and deadlines. That’s why we respond promptly to all requests and are happy to adjust our editing timelines based on your specific schedule. We are a cheery, caring, creative team that understands your needs and tries to make your job as easy as possible. We love to take care of our clients!

Our approach is thoughtful and collaborative.

We bring a collaborative approach to all our projects. We like to think of our clients as our partners in inspiration – we’re there to help you tell your story, but we also love to share our own big-picture ideas that we think will meet your needs. Brainstorming is a collaboration!

We value the inner work.

We know that our mindset matters. If we want to do fulfilling and quality work, we need to show up as the best version of ourselves. It’s not about striving for perfection. We can find peace, even when there isn’t a sense of order. A motto that NSP lives by is: “I’m positively expecting great results no matter what is in front of me.”

We are woman and dancer powered.

I’m proud to have a woman-owned business in a very male-dominated field. We are made up of talented women, men, and non-binary people! Because our videographers are all former and current dancers, we intimately understand the needs of other dance artists. We love seeing you do what you do. Your success is our success!